Eva-Dry. Damp In. Dry Out.

Mini Dehumidifier Call: 877-541-2875 As Seen on TV Offer Not Available in Stores
Eva-Dry Disposable Calcium Chloride Products
Renewable YesYes No
Eco-Friendly YesYes No
Non-toxic, Colorless & Odorless YesYes No
Non-corrosive YesYes No
Child & Pet Safe YesYes No
Spill Proof YesYes No
Last Up to 10 Years YesYes No
Will Not Damage Clothes & Valuables YesYes No
Uses Silica Gel Crystals YesYes No
Units are Enclosed YesYes No
Recharges in Less Than a Day YesYes No
30 Day Money Back Guarantee - 5 Year Warranty - Patented Release System Just Plug It In
One Eva-Dry Replaces 120 Buckets of Mess The Eva-Dry is Great for...Home, Boat, Camera, Safe, Clothing, Vehicles, Computers, Guns, and Documents
National Health & Wellness Club Member Tested and Recommended
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